cinnamon roll cake recipe

Cinnamon Roll Cake

20 min prep time, 25 min baking time, serves 6 people

This Cinnamon Roll Cake dessert has a similar flavor to cinnamon rolls but in a simpler cake form. By using premade dough you will cut down on the time it takes to make it, all while keeping that same great homemade taste. You can use the traditional cinnamon frosting, but we recommend the vanilla icing included in the recipe below.

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little apple pies recipe

Apple Turnover

25 min prep time, 20 min baking time, makes 10 pieces

It’s apple season which makes it a great time to go apple picking with your family. This Apple Turnover is loaded with caramelized apples and wrapped in a flaky pastry crust. It tastes just like apple pie but is much easier to make. After a long day of apple picking, eating this sweet dessert will be sure to make the family smile.

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Apple Walnut Strudel

20 min prep time, 30 min baking time, serves 6 people

Apple Walnut Strudel is one of my favorite and easiest dessert recipes. It makes for a great Fall dessert, but you can serve it any time of the year. It’s sure to impress friends and family alike, making them come back for seconds!

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