Cream Cheese

Peach rose tarts

Prep time 15 minute, baking time 30 minutes Peach rose tarts  are beautiful little tarts made with puff pastry and fresh peaches . They are the simplest elegant dessert ever you can make under 30 minutes Ingredients 1 Puff pastry sheet, thawed 2-3 Peaches ¼ cup Sugar, granulated 4 oz cream cheese 1 tbsp cinnamon 2 tablespoons Powdered sugar 1 Egg Instructions Preheat the

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Cheesecakes cups

prep time 15 minutes bake time 20 minutes serves 8 people This cheesecake cups made of puff pastry cups hold a creamy, rich filling made with cream cheese,  sugar, eggs and vanilla extract. Customize them by topping with your favorite fruit (I used cherry toping).  They are  a real treat and really simple to make!

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sushi cake recipe

Sushi Cake

30 min prep time, serves 8 people

Sushi is a dish originally from Japan but has become increasingly popular in the United States and abroad. This Sushi Cake recipe is a fun take on sushi that can be made from the comfort of your home. Using a cake mold, we can make a large portion of sushi in the shape of a cake. It is both delicious and impressive to look at. Trust us when we say that this will be sure to impress anyone. Cut it into pieces and serve! 

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Plum and Cheese Tart recipe

Plum and Cheese Tart

10 min prep time, 40 min baking time, serves 8 people

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends and family with a bakery-quality tart? By combining the savory element of cream cheese with the sweetness of plums, sugar, and vanilla, you can give your guests a dessert full of surprises. Enjoy this Plum and Cheese Tart recipe reminiscent of cheesecake. Is it a tart? Is it a cheesecake? Who knows, but it’s delicious!

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