Peach Gallete

prep time 15 minutes, baking tome 30 minutes This easy Peach Galette is the perfect summer dessert! Use a store-bought puff pastry the simple free-form pie is delicious either way.  This pastry has combination of ripe, juicy peaches with  flaky pastry and  makes the delicious , beautiful dessert Ingredients 1 package puff pastry dough, thawed

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Blueberry pancakes recipe

Blueberry Pancakes

15 min prep time, 25 min cooking time, serves 6 people

Who doesn’t like pancakes? These Blueberry Pancakes are the perfect weekend breakfast or brunch dish! I used pancake mix but modified the recipe to include eggs, while also switching out the water with kefir or plain yogurt. By frying the pancakes in a little oil you will get golden crispy edges and soft fluffy centers. You will love both the texture of the soft pancakes as well as the taste of the blueberries ad they burst in your mouth with every bite.

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Azerbaijani Baklava (simple version)

1.5 hr cooking time, makes about 40 pieces

For those days when you are having guests over for tea, this baklava recipe is the perfect dessert to satiate their sweet tooth. Unlike other baklava that have flakier layers, Azerbaijani baklava is known for it’s softer bite and lower sugar content. The combination of eggs, walnuts, and sugar make for a sweet caramel-like filling, while the cardamon gives it a unique Middle Eastern flavor.

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