Fruit and yogurt parfait

Prep time 5 minutes Serves 4 people Fruit and yogurt parfait is high in protein, lower in sugar ,and good for dessert or snack. Ingredients• 2 Kiwis• 1 cup strawberries,  chopped• 1 cup blueberries• 2 cups Greek yogurtInstructions1. Add a scoop of yogurt into the dish you will serve. Choose the yogurt of your choice. …

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Refreshing Yogurt soup

Prep time 20 minutes Cooking time 10 minutes Serves 6 people If you like the plain yogurt this soup is for you. This refreshing Yogurt  Soup  from plain yogurt and  lots of fresh herbs will make you happy on hot summer days.   Ingredients 5 cups of Greek  plain yogurt 2 cups of water 1 …

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