August 2020

Mongolian Beef recipe

Mongolian Beef

30 min prep time, 25 min cooking time, serves 6 people

When you want a delicious homemade meal reminiscent of your favorite Chinese restaurant, you can’t go wrong with Mongolian Beef. This stir fry recipe is originally from Taiwan, with an additional kick thanks to the sweet sauce included. Serve with white rice and steamed vegetables, and this is sure to be one of your favorite main dishes!

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Creamy Cucumber Salad recipe

Creamy Cucumber Salad

30 min prep time, serves 4-5 people

Creamy Cucumber Salad is a classic recipe made from fresh cucumbers, red onions, fresh dill, and a handful of other ingredients. It serves as a healthier substitute for old-fashioned potato salad for family gatherings and potlucks, thanks to it’s lower carb count.

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kofta kabab recipe

Kofta Kebabs

30 min prep time, 30 min cooking time, serves 8 people

Kofta Kebabs are a popular Eastern European and Middle Eastern dish made from ground beef, veal, lamb, or a combination. Typically it is seasoned with various spices and filled with cilantro. These kebabs can be served with many different sides and salads. We recommend a side of rice and grilled vegetables, especially tomatoes.

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Egg crapes recipe

Egg Crepes

20 min prep time, 25 min cooking time, makes 10 crepes

If you’re looking to change things up for breakfast, we recommend these low-carb keto-friendly Egg Crepes. By replacing the flour with eggs, you can include some much needed protein in your diet. Very much like a thin omelette, you can enjoy this with different vegetable toppings, or with some sour cream for a savory delicious crepe.

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corn and cabbage salad recipe

Cabbage and Corn Salad

20 min prep time, serves 6 people

If you’re a fan of coleslaw, you will love this Cabbage and Corn Salad. The vibrant colors of the purple cabbage, corn, and carrot perfectly represent the taste, as this salad is bursting with flavor. Add in the garlic, sour cream, mayo, spices, and you have both a tasty and nutritious salad.

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chicken patties recipe

Chicken Patties (Cutlets)

15 min prep time, 20 min cooking time, serves 6 people

If you are tired of the usual chicken recipes, chicken patties are a great alternative. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, chicken patties, or cutlets as they are sometimes called, make for a great main dish to build a dinner around. We recommend trying them with different dipping sauces and side dishes so you can adapt it to your taste.

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Summer Roll recipe

Summer Rolls

45 min prep time, serves 5 people

Summer Rolls are one of my favorite things to make in the summer. They are made from rice paper wrappers rolled around fresh crunchy vegetables, cold proteins of your choice (cooked shrimp, pork, beef, or chicken), and fresh herbs. This is a recipe that is very flexible and easy to make. Feel free to substitute the vegetables and meat with others you have in your fridge for a quick appetizer for guests.

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oatmeal banana cake recipe

Oatmeal Banana Cake

15 min prep time, 45 min baking time, serves 8 people

Banana Oatmeal Cake is a moist cake made out of bananas, oats, walnuts, cranberries, and raisins. The bananas, cranberries, and raisins give the cake a wonderfully sweet taste, while the oats and walnuts add a rich texture that makes it a joy to eat. An extremely delicious treat appropriate as a dessert or for breakfast.

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Dolma stuffed grape leaves recipe

Dolma (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

30 min prep time, 45 min cooking time, serves 6 to 8 people

Dolma is a very popular dish in many cuisines around the world, especially in eastern Europe and the Middle East. At its core, dolma are vegetables stuffed with a vegetarian or meat filling. In this recipe, we will show you how to make dolma of the grape leaf variety, stuffed with ground lamb. This dish can be served as a main course or an appetizer depending on the serving size.

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Cream Horns Recipe

Сream Horns

20 min prep time, 20 min baking time, makes 12 horns

Cream Horns consist of tasty puff pastries wrapped around a metal horn and baked till golden and flaky. Once filled with whipped cream and cream cheese, it is a dessert you won’t soon forget. Cream horns remind me of my childhood. My mom used to buy them for us every time we went to the bakery.

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20 min prep time, serves 4 people

Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored dessert that originates in Italy. Typically all the ingredients are made from scratch, but this Tiramisu recipe is a simpler version. It contains ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of heavy cream, Mascarpone cheese, vanilla, and flavored with liqueur and cocoa. This delicious dessert has been adopted by cuisines around the world and adjusted to fit different tastes, so feel free to experiment with your own recipe.

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