zucchini salad korean style

Zucchini Side Dish – Korean Style

15 min prep time, 5 min cooking time, serve 4 people

Zucchini is a vegetable, usually cooked and eaten as a savory dish or accompaniment. To make it more flavorful we can use different spices. One side dish made of zucchini is the Korean zucchini side dish, or Hobak Namul.“Hobak” means zucchini, and “namul” means vegetable side dish. This dish is best made with Korean zucchini, however North American zucchini works too and is just as delicious! It can be served by itself or as a side dish. I prefer to eat it with rice and a various types of meats mixed in with the stir fry.

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vegetable stir fry recipe

Vegetable Stir Fry

15 min prep time, 30 min cooking time, serves 5 people

This Vegetable Stir Fry recipe is both easy to make and delicious. It’s always a shame to let precious vegetables go to waste. When you are worried about letting them go bad, put them all together in this dish. This one-pan veggie stir fry is delicious served as a main course for vegetarians or vegans, or as a side dish served with beef or chicken.

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